Don’t Just Reach For The Closest Star, Take Them All

Derek’s a gay porn actor who falls for one of his co-workers. Lydia, his awesome wife, makes sure Derek gets what he wants.

Indulgent because Derek should always get what he wants.

'Derek what's wrong?' Lydia asked perching herself on his lap. Derek had been quiet this evening, lost deep in thought. He wrapped his arm around her back, his thumb dipping under the waistband of her skirt to massage her skin. 


'I fucked this twink today,' Derek said resting his face against her shirt, pressing his cheek to her breast. He could feel the pattern of the lace through the thin material she wore. 


'You fuck twinks for a living; surely one's no different from the other.' Lydia teased. Having a husband who was a gay porn star caused a lot of people to judge her, but Lydia didn't care. She loved Derek and she knew he loved her. Fucking men was a job for him the way medical research was for her, a job; doing something he enjoyed that paid the bills. 


'We kissed a lot. He was passionate, he got into the scene. Afterwards he was almost shocked to realise the camera was there.' Derek said running a hand down her side and easing underneath the hem of her skirt.


'You kiss all the time, and you're always telling me you forget about the camera when it's these kinds of scenes.' Lydia said running her fingers through his hair and parting her thighs. His fingers traced up her stockings to the edge, finding her soft skin and the little strap that held her stockings to her belt.


'I've never felt like I was cheating on you before.' Derek's voice sounded broken as he buried his face in her neck. Lydia shifted on his lap and pulled his face up to meet hers, her fingers caressing his stubble. 


'Tell me about it.' She said in a quiet voice. Derek started to shake his head but she stilled him, raising her eyebrows. 


'It started off as usual in these college boy ones, interview, kissing, undressing, groping. We fell onto the bed, sixty nine position, he was on top. At first we were blowing each other but I was fingering and rimming and he arched back with these little breathy moans, and I could feel his thighs trembling around my head, like he was really enjoying it, not just for the cash. He wasn't experienced, and I think I was bigger than any he'd had before, he didn't say, but when I pushed into him he just, he froze up and I had to talk him through it, relax him. He was belly down on the bed, I was on top of him, and he reached for my hand, and our fingers somehow laced together, and I forgot to take my wedding ring off, and his hand looked so right there, and I thought to myself that my ring would look great on him but it would be strange without the diamond, and I remembered you. I felt guilty, and I decided to fuck him and be done, but he was so needy, so responsive, that I couldn't do that to him, and I took care of him, held him after the way I do with you.' Derek said, his voice breaking at some parts, like it was killing him to tell the story. 


'You always hold them after.' Lydia countered wrapping her arms around his neck. 


'I know but, I don't shower with them, help them wash up. I kissed his nose, and when he asked for my number I gave it to him.' Derek whispered.


'You give lots of guys your number.' Lydia said kissing his temple. 


Derek huffed out a breath and Lydia knew her arguments weren’t helping. Derek didn’t often use his words like this, he was more of an action man, and Lydia knew that was how to fix this, actions. ‘Take me to bed.’ She whispered, and let him carry her to their bed.


He stripped her slowly, and spent every second showing her how much he loved her, how sorry he was, kissing and caressing until her body was trembling. ‘I love you.’ He whispered into her hair as they twined together on the bed, his arms wrapped around her shoulders. 


'I love you too.' She replied. She waited until he was asleep then collected his cell phone from his discarded jeans. She found the new number, and added it to her own list of contacts. 


In the morning, after she left a dozing Derek in bed and headed to work, she stopped for a coffee in her favourite coffee shop. Taking a seat in the back corner she crossed her legs, plucked a piece of her muffin and popped it into her mouth and pressed the little dial button on her phone. 


'Hello?' A breathless voice answered on the third ring. 


'Stiles?' Lydia asked.


'The one and only, I'm sorry, I don't know who this is.' His voice sounded cheerful, and a little confused. Already Lydia had caught a taint of something that her husband had identified yesterday. 


'My names Lydia, I'm Derek Hale's wife.' She said popping another piece of her blueberry muffin into her mouth. She had gone for the full fat one, with cream in the middle. Lydia loved surprises.


'Oh.' His voice had changed to guarded with that one breath. 


'Don't sound so frightened, I can't bite over the phone.' Lydia said and smiled openly when he laughed a little. She pouted at the diamond on her engagement ring, twisting it slightly so it was symmetrical with her hand. 'I'd like to invite you to dinner on Friday night. You left an impression on my husband and I'd really like to know what all the fuss is about.' 


'Um, I had plans-'


'Were they important?' Lydia asked taking a sip of her coffee.


'A party…'


'Cancel it; you're coming to dinner at our home. I'm cooking; you're not allergic to anything are you?' Lydia asked.


'Poison, if that's what you're planning.' Stiles said and his voice sounded completely serious. Lydia laughed out loud, covering her mouth when a few patrons glanced her way. 


'Here's the thing Stiles, Derek, he deserves the best, he deserves everything. He has a plan for us, for our future. He's making porn yes, but he's also a fantastic writer, and I know for a fact that he'll soon be giving up one job to fully concentrate on the other. He's also a gentleman, and I'm not being cocky when I say he adores me, and he'll never cheat on me, because he's lost too much already. I intend to give Derek everything he wants for the rest of his life, and I know, that right now, that scene with you yesterday, it wasn't enough for him, but you got underneath his skin, and that doesn't happen often, and because of that, he'll never do another scene with you again.' She heard Stiles's throat click as he swallowed, and she wondered what he looked like, were his eyes wide, was he biting his lips. Did he have long hair; was it blond, did he have tattoos? She knew, from that one little noise, that Stiles had already picked up some sort of feelings for her husband, and she was glad that this thing between them was mutual. 


She heard a short bitter laugh then, over the line and Stiles spoke. ‘You’re going to have to spell it out to me, because I don’t know what you’re saying.’ 


'I'm saying that if you're willing Stiles, and if we think it could work, I want to talk to you both on Friday night and see if we can't work out how we're going to manage this relationship between the two of you and the three of us.' Lydia said. 'Think about it, and we'll talk on Friday. I'll text you our address, and I'll see you around seven. Don't be late.' Lydia warned. Stiles made an agreeing noise down the phone and she killed the call. 


One Year Later


Lydia sipped her glass of champagne and smiled as her new boss approached her. Meeting her head of department at a party didn’t seem particularly normal, but then Lydia had never been one for normal. She felt an arm brush her back and she turned, her head to see Stiles entertaining Allison with some tale of his teenage years. ‘Dr Martin.’ Her boss, Dr Greer said coming to a stop beside her. Lydia smiled. He had been a tutor of hers during her undergraduate years, and they had got on well. He was a weak man though, and Lydia wasn’t fond of his lack of fresh ideas for her department. 


'It's Dr Hale actually. I was married during my doctorate.' Lydia said. He nodded politely obviously looking around for her husband. 'This is Derek.' She said deciding to put him out of his misery. He nodded politely at Derek and then looked at Stiles waiting for their introduction.


'And who's this young man Allison?' He tried to tease. It failed.


'This is Stiles.' Lydia said putting a hand on his arm, sliding down until their fingers tangled together. 'Our boyfriend.' Dr Greer's face changed colour, and he mouthed the word boyfriend silently for a few seconds. Derek made a noise behind her, putting a hand on her waist as her new boss turned away. She wasn't worried; Dr Greer would soon learn who was really in charge of their department. 


'That was rude.' Derek whispered into her ear while Stiles smiled big and open at her. 


'But I've always wanted to say it to someone,' she pouted, ‘hi, my names Lydia, this is my husband Derek and his boyfriend Stiles. Judge all you want but I’m the happiest woman on earth.’


‘You’re crazy.’ Stiles said kissing her on the lips. ‘But I loves you anyway.’ He put his crazy voice on emphasising the loves.


‘Awww snookum’s, I loves you two.’ She cooed.


‘That’s it, I’m gone.’ Derek teased not moving an inch from either of them, a big crazy smile plastered across his face.

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